21 June 2005

- Irritating Editor -

The most irritating editor in the universe wrote back today. Irritating Editor wants to run through yet another round of edits. Irritating Editor still doesn't get the piece. Irritating Editor still doesn't get my style. Irritating Editor wants to destroy both style and argument. Why? Who the hell knows?

What's really weird is that Co-editor is on my side. Co-editor likes the piece just fine. Co-editor has signed off on it as is. Co-editor has argued vehemently on my behalf, though I don't even know Co-Editor. Co-editor is rather enamored with the article. Co-Editor is clearly a brilliant man. Yet Irritating Editor still insists on changing it. Irritating Editor is a moron.

Now, if that's not enough, there's this. Ok, Irritating Editor might not like the piece. Irritating Editor might not think it works. Whatever. That's fine. That's life in the academy. But Irritating Editor won't let the piece go. On any number of occasions, I've offered to withdraw the essay. Really I don't need it, but I won't let it go out under my name in a form I can't defend. At this point in my career that's what matters to me, not another line on the CV.

So here's the question: Why the fuck does Irritating Editor insist on keeping the essay if he is so bound and determined to kill it off? That's what I don't get.