01 July 2005

- The Court -

One thing to keep in mind about Gonzales:

The Supreme Court in Texas is an elected body. Hence it is difficult to vote one's conscience. Not that that necessarily means much, but it does mean that it will be harder to infer how he might vote on various issues from his record. And he may well be the best of a lousy lot.

My suspicion is that Rehnquist will resign this summer as well. Though there have been rumors that he's remained so long because he doesn't think Scalia will make a responsible Chief Justice, his health has continued to deteriorate and with O'Conner going he may well feel that it's time to churn the court. In any case and to be morbid about it, Rehnquist will soon be leaving the court one way or another. Speculation is that Bush will make one conservative nomination and one moderate. Why that's the speculation, lord only knows. I guess because he seems intent on nominating Gonzales, and Gonzales is what passes for a moderate these days.

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