21 July 2005

- The Tooth Fairy Doth Come -

Judu lost a tooth yesterday and of course the tooth fairy came last night. It's interesting because neither Spouse nor I encourage belief in the tooth fairy. Not that we wouldn't celebrate the tooth loss in the usual fashion, that is by bringing money and/or gifts in exchange for the tooth. Rather it's Judu who insists on the myth.

Last night she was very concerned that we notify the tooth fairy that her tooth was under her pillow. Then she was worried that the tooth fairy wouldn't be able to find the tooth under her pillow, so she moved to the side of her bed. Then she was wondering how we knew for sure that the tooth fairy would come. Playing along with the conceit—what else could I do?—I told her that though we couldn't talked directly to the tooth fairy directly (because she was out visiting other kids), but we did talk to her assistant. (I had to say this because Judu was having a hard time falling asleep and she couldn't understand why we didn't just tell the tooth fairy to come later.) Judu then jumped to the conclusion that the tooth fairy must have a cell phone that allows her assistant to contact her.

Really, it was all very amusing.