23 August 2005

- School Daze -

I have my first official task of the semester today: administering and grading the entrance exam. Advising follows quickly on its heels, starting on Thursday; then a faculty meeting a week from today, with classes beginning the day after. So today essentially marks the first day of the semester.

I'm not at all ready for the semester to begin. I'm still finishing off the syllabus. I've got one class more or less set, aside from xeroxing the articles for the course packet. Hopefully, I won't run into the same trouble as Camicao. Given the number of solicitations I've received from area copy shops, I don't imagine this will be a problem. Still, it's something to worry about in the future. (Why put off worrying tomorrow what you can worry about today!) The other class is still in a nascent state. I have the books ordered, but I haven't yet assembled the course packet nor even decided on the course schedule. I've been putting this one off because I'm reusing the first unit of the course more or less intact from last time I ran it. But I did a really silly thing and decided it would be a good thing to overhaul the course as a whole. Why do these things always seem like a good idea in prospect but never in actuality!