06 September 2005

- Odds and Ends -

I just finished class today. It's so odd. For some reason, this year we started school midweek, just before Labor Day. So we start up, only to have a holiday. Many of the students went home for the weekend, arriving back on Monday, only to discover the library closed. What's even weirder is that because of this crazy schedule, seminars that meet for three hours on Monday, don't meet until the third week of classes. That means they only have one class meeting to decide whether that course is for them. Of course, I often wish that was the case for many of my classes. On the undergraduate level there is so much shifting about the first week that it's really difficult to get any real work done.

In other news, I've started to increase my running distance. Last week I logged 14 miles; this week I've already put in 10.5 miles. I'm trying to work my way up to 20 miles/week. All of this anger over Katrina is clearly finding one outlet in running.