12 December 2006

- Writing Schedule -

I managed to make my daily goal of 300 words on the textbook today. That's how I've broken down the task—300 words a day. Since I have to produce so much text, I've decided I need to make regular progress rather than depending on the unpredictable spurts I normally use to write. I've found that it works fairly well for textbook writing inasmuch as the text does not require so much conceptual thought as synthetic and the most important attribute of the writing is clarity rather than nuance and subtlety. Of course, many would argue that my normal academic prose style could use more clarity and less subtlety! :)

Before today, it had been about three weeks since I made my goal. The end of the semester had gotten in the way in all sorts of ways, so it felt quite good to have the writing flowing today. Let's hope it continues!