08 September 2005

- The CEO President -

I'm just wondering:

If a CEO of a large multinational corporation devoted the work force of at least one half of an important division to a botched project that continues to drain significant corporate resources with no end in sight;

if that division also suffered from bad publicity due to illegal activities within the division;

if the CEO refused to dismiss the vice president overseeing that division and indeed continually suggested to the press that he was doing a good job;

if the corporation as a whole continually missed Wall Street estimates of its projected earnings;

if the corporation was found again and again to be overpaying its subcontractors, the CEOs of whom were close personal friends of the CEO;

if a top aide to that CEO had come under scrutiny of law officials due to shady dealings and the CEO failed to address the issue in any way;

if another division then failed spectacularly in an important project assigned to it;

if the CEO refused to dismiss immediately the vice president overseeing that division and indeed made statements to the media that this person was doing a great job, indeed that the division as a whole was doing a great job:

what would happen to that CEO?

I'm just wondering.