10 September 2005

- The Dodge Continues -

Though apparently revealing fissures in the administration's attempt to dodge responsibility for the response to Katrina, this article smells of Rove. First or all, Dubya is portrayed as mad as hell even as he's patting the FEMA head on the back, saying "Brownie you are doing a heck of a job." See, behind the scenes our president really did care.

Second, Rove's name appears way too often in the article. He virtually haunts the article. Everyone is talking anonymously so as not to "offend" him. Since media reports hardly ever if at all say why anonymous sources want to be anonymous, that struck me as odd. But if you think about it, all this invocation of Rove does in this instance is mark the behind-the-scenes account as authentic. It appears true because Rove doesn't want us to know it. And what is it that he doesn't want us to know? That the president was mad as hell.