24 October 2005

- Conference Report -

Well, conference #1 is over and done with. I finished the paper at 10 pm on Friday, presented at 1 pm on Saturday. That's as close as I've ever cut it. I hope I don't have to make a habit of it.

I still can't tell how the paper went over. It was the strangest thing. I got no vibe from the audience at all. The audience didn't seem bored. But I also received no feedback. I almost feel like I didn't present the paper. Weird, but whatever. The conference itself was good, and most importantly the food was exellent and there was coffee at every break. If you ever run a conference, remember the coffee. Folks will be forgiving for almost every planning foible so long as the coffee supply holds out.

Conferences #2 and #3 are in Boston and DC. They should be a bit less intense, since I'm not giving papers. But I do have an essay due at the beginning of December, so I'll be using some of the conference time to work on that.