09 September 2008

- A week or so... -

That's what I figure we have before this election is decided. At the moment I'm feeling rather like 2004-2005, the depth of Bushworld, when up was down, black was white, the world basically took on the hue of whatever Bush-Cheney, Inc. said it was. Those were bad days for members of the "reality-based" community.

So what's happened? Maverick McCain has ridden into town with his posse of Bushies and they are rerunning the script. Yeah, I know, a maverick in reruns makes no sense, and reality will certainly take its bite at some point—the question is: will it be in time?

I figure that if the McCain gets away with lying for another week that will pretty much settle the campaign, because at that point the maverick image will be fixed and the media will then give him a complete pass on his campaign falsehoods.

So, don't watch the polls—at this point they still don't matter. But this does matter: if McCain is still recklessly lying, that means he's getting away with it and we're headed into an election that will be contested on the grounds of Bushworld. Even hope has little chance of winning there.