08 October 2008

- Larison on McCain's Ethics -

Daniel Larison disembowels McCain:
According to this odd view, if someone is not very proficient at lying and smearing his opponents and gives the impression that even he knows what he’s saying is nonsense, that somehow proves that he is honest and decent at heart. The correct view is exactly the opposite–if McCain knows the truth, doesn’t really believe what he’s saying and tells lies unconvincingly, that is evidence of the far deeper corruption of the man. Instead of being badly misguided or misinformed, he willfully says things that he knows have no merit or that he knows are unworthy of anyone in his position. In short, being a bad smear artist does not make someone ethical or honorable; it makes him unethical and incompetent.

I'm going to hate it when Larison returns to the principled conservative opposition and starts directing his very impressive, very incisive analytical skills against the Obama administration and Democratic congress.

On the other hand, I much prefer smart opponents to stupid opponents, even if they make it more difficult to get things done, because smart opponents force you to be smarter, whereas stupid opponents almost force you to act stupidly. And if it is to succeed, the next administration is going to have to act very smart indeed.