09 September 2008

- Damn Lies -

Today, with an assist from her good buddy, Sen. Earmark Ted Stevens, Palin continues to claim she opposed the bridge to nowhere. Obviously, the line must be still polling positively. Which means people either don't believe she is lying or (more likely) don't care. If people don't care, then we need to ask: why don't they?

At this point I think it's because the lie doesn't count as evidence of anything crucial yet. It's simply a piece of information people don't know what to do with. (My sense is that people right now are simply taking it as evidence that she is a politician.) The Obama ad that went up yesterday about lying has a chance of changing it into evidence that the maverick image is a con job, that both McCain and Palin are in fact normal political hacks engaged in business as usual. But until something like that happens where the lie becomes integrated into the story about McCain and Palin whether the MSM reports it or not is basically irrelevant.