16 September 2008

- Grand Experiment, Day 2 -

So, no politics on page 1 of the local paper today. It's all about Ike and Lehman Bros. There was a short article about how the economy is becoming the key issue of the election. (Who knew? I thought it was lipstick.) The editorial page mentioned the campaign only obliquely with respect to the Wall Street meltdown, and there was a confused op-ed on taxes that said the tax plans of Obama and McCain are both irresponsible, though Obama's is somewhat less so, and that McCain's ads have distorted Obama's position on taxes. But, as I said, the column came across as confusing, and the impression that it left me with is that we're in a heap of trouble no matter which of these two losers is elected, but we'll probably be just a little bit less bad off with Obama's plan. Now, don't get on me for not reading carefully—the whole point of this little experiment is to read casually and see what impression I'm left with.

Man, John Stewart was lame last night. Judging from the premise of the opening monologue, I think Stewart knew he was lame. He was reduced to faux-drooling over Palin.

In any case, this does not bode well, as it suggests he doesn't know really what to do about McCain's lying any more than does the MSM.