14 September 2008

- Lying All the Time -

McCain's lies should at this point be obvious to everyone, even those who are barely paying attention. The coverage of the matter by the MSM has been adequate, if not terrible brave. If people are nevertheless willing to support McCain for the presidency, then this means that they do so knowing full well that he is an inveterate liar. The question to ask is: why they would support such a character for presidency? Or to put it the other way around: what do they fear or at least distrust more than a liar?

While I believe along with Andrew Sullivan that the "actual truth matters in the world," I also think that all bets are off when you are talking about a 50 day campaign. So I hope that the American people do not want to live with four years under the leadership of lies, I can't say that I have his faith.

I still think this coming week will be decisive for determining the political success of McCain's gambit of lies. If next Sunday the polls continue in their current state and we have another week of political attention deficit disorder, then I'll be very pessimistic.