22 October 2008

- Spinning the Wardrobe -

This one is good.
I saw the RNC statement on Gov. Palin’s $150,000 clothing bender on the RNC's tab. . . . some other possible spin lines for the RNC.

  1. What you sneering critics in the liberal MSM fail to see here is… a Jobs Program! Saks floorwalkers, cashiers, a team of sweating porters to haul the merchandise from the store to the motorcade… chiropractors to treat those porters. Sarah Palin knows how to create jobs!

  2. What’s the difference between a Pit Bull and a Hockey Mom? You can feed a pit-bull for 483 years with 150 grand.

  3. Still cheaper than Mitt Romney’s hair products. We’re saving money here…

  4. William Ayres is a terrorist!

  5. New ad slogan: “Clothes for Gov. Palin? $150,000. Time machine to go back two months to late August and ask what the Hell were Schmidt and Davis thinking when they cooked up this idea and sold it to McCain? Priceless.”

Did we mention that William Ayres is a terrorist!

Oddly, given that Murphy is a GOP strategist, it doesn't have the feel of gallows humor. I don't sense that he is feeling at all sorry for his old boss.